A Sleepy Day

So, I just need to share a few things before I move onto the rest of my day:

1. The delicious breakfast I made the other day…

IMG_4449Hello delicious and nutritious! These are buckwheat pancakes with just a sprinkle of chocolate chips in them.

2. My dinner last night. Hooray for Alaskan crab legs!

IMG_4454Well, now that is out of the way and I can move on to today. I woke up and rolled myself out of bed rather late this morning at around noon. I have been extremely sleepy the past few days for some reason. (Hopefully I’m not getting sick) Then, I made some protein oats!

IMG_4364 After scarfing down by breakfast (brunch?), I had to head to the clinic on base for my annual physical. I stopped by Starbucks first to grab some Tazo Awake tea first though. I seriously needed assistance waking up today.

IMG_4458Once I was done with my appointment, I made the journey over to the commissary to pick up groceries for the week. My meal plan for the next few days include: Hot & Garlicky Shrimp & Broccoli, Baked Lemon Pasta and Sweet Honey Crockpot Chicken. I grabbed some of my regular meal essentials, too.

IMG_4460Around 3ish, my friends decided they wanted to grab some food at Chili’s and I agreed to go with them because all I had eaten was the oatmeal earlier. I decided on the Mesquite Chicken Salad w/ no cheese or tortilla crisps and the dressing on the side. I also had to get myself a Diet Coke to make sure I stayed awake!

IMG_4463I hadn’t ever gotten this particular salad before, but I really enjoyed the flavors in it. The barbecue sauce drizzled on top w/ the lime juice made it tangy and smoky. I didn’t even see the point of serving ranch with the salad. The chicken was lightly breaded, so I would have preferred just straight grilled chicken, but it was still tasty.

I’m not sure what the plan for dinner will be exactly, but hopefully it involves something healthy! I never know how my food choices will go when I hang out with all of my guy friends, but I do know that there is a box (yes, a BOX) of sangria that is calling my name 😉

See ya later,



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