Beach Days in January

I woke up at 6 A.M. yesterday and it wasn’t even a work day. I am clearly a crazy woman. I then proceeded to lounge around for a while until I found the motivation to get up and fight through a nagging hangover. I started off with some Kashi for breakfast…

IMG_0259And then (miraculously) made it to the gym for a leg workout. Let’s just say hangovers and the gym are not the best combination. However I managed to snap & instagram a pretty cute pic 😉

IMG_4382I followed the picture up with a protein shake and a nice long shower. I met up with some people from the dorm and they decided that we should go to Chili’s for lunch.

I got the chicken fajitas and only ate the skillet portion. No tortillas for this girl! I did, however, manage to steal a few fries from my friend’s plate.

IMG_4383The weather yesterday afternoon was absolutely incredible. It was sunny with a light breeze and probably 75 degrees outside. So when you live on a tropical island, good weather = beach day.

IMG_4385You better believe my feet found their way into the ocean! (The water was SO cold)

IMG_4390I guess I will have to wait a few more months until I can pull out my snorkeling gear. Summer here is always the best time… but seriously, who else is having beach days in January?

I’m guessing not too many people 😛

Well I’m off to the commissary to restock my fridge and maybe find something to bake using my new Kitchenaid mixer!

Adios amigos,



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