Back in the Swing

Well I have been home for a few days and have not had a moment to breathe! (Or post!)

My flight back to Okinawa was WAY longer than the one going to the states. My total travel time was nearly 24 hours. At least there was some mediocre airplane food on my 12 hour flight to keep me alive…

IMG_4359This was some kind of chicken teriyaki meal…let’s just say my soba at the Tokyo airport was much more enjoyable 😉

IMG_4362This soba had shrimp, fried carrots, green onions and a salty, beef (or maybe pork) broth. I am definitely a fan of soba mainly because of the thick, chewy noodles. And yes, I did eat my meal with chopsticks.

When I finally arrived in Okinawa, it was nearing 11 P.M. I was dead tired and passed out immediately when I got home.

The next morning, I knew it was time to get back on track with healthy eating and working out! Breakfast was oatmeal w/ vanilla protein powder, a dash of cinnamon, and a little scoop of PB.

IMG_4366After chowing down my delicious and fiber filled breakfast, I started my giant list of errands.

  • unpacking
  • putting away my Christmas tree
  • paying my (last) car payment!
  • going to the BX for random necessities
  • going to the Commissary because there was nothing to eat in my room
  • and of course…going to the gym

It is back to the protein powder & pre-workout for this girl.

IMG_0255I took it pretty light in the weight room and did a back workout followed by 20 minutes of cardio. I didn’t want to get too crazy considering I haven’t done any strength training in almost a month. This is the photo of me after my workout. *Note the exhaustion in my eyes*

IMG_4371It hurt, but it was great to be back in my home gym. I’m sure after a week or two I should be back to normal with my workouts. I think my eating habits will automatically fall into place, but I am looking into using my new cookbooks for some new meal plans!

I have worked the last two very long days. I’m going to have to get used to these darn 12 hour shifts again. Do any of you know how it is coming back to work after vacation? OMG it’s hard. Hopefully I will find my rhythm again and everything will be good to go!

Well friends I’ll post again soon. Toodles!



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