Cheers & Chop Stop

So here are the pics from the yesterday!

But first, I finally had my favorite fast food ever. CHIPOTLE. Look at the mini chip bags! There were only like 10 chips in the bag which was perfect. My mom and I each got one…we love tortilla chips 😉

IMG_4311And back to yesterday…during the morning I went with my mom and dad to a cheerleading competition. (My mom is the high school cheer coach.)

IMG_4320The competition lasted for the entire morning so I totally needed a snack.

IMG_4317Then my mom wanted me to take a picture of her healthy snack, too. *lol*

IMG_4318We grabbed food at the cheer competition when it was over. [The cheerleaders got 4th place FYI] I had a chicken burrito w/ rice, beans, and pico de gallo inside. I didn’t really eat the tortilla, but I could tell there was tons of oil in the rice which made it delicious. I totally thought I took a picture of it, but I can’t find it now 😦

I made up for the not so healthy lunch by eating a giant salad from Chop Stop for dinner. And let me tell you that Chop Stop is a great, healthy option for eating out. You can literally make the salad of your dreams and for sides they offer options like Pop Chips and fresh fruit. It’s awesome!

IMG_4324Oh and I almost forgot to mention that I went shopping some more…this time I got a bunch of cute workout clothes! (Thank you Macy’e one-day-sale)


I feel like my different color socks in this pic are really distracting to me. I was wearing Uggs yesterday and clearly wasn’t paying too much attention to matching my socks.

But anyways…I can’t wait to wear all of my new workout (and regular) clothes once I get back to Okinawa. I’m kind of dreading going back, but at least I can say I have less than 6 months left there! I think that’s a pretty fricken exciting!

I’m totally ready to move on to the next chapter in my life and get going somewhere else. I love the fact that the military makes you move; it ensures things never get too boring. (And right now Okinawa is killing me) I should actually be finding out very soon, like within the next month, where I will be moving! I just updated my preference list of bases last week! I have my fingers crossed for northern California or somewhere near Georgia. But until then, I need to hop back into my regular fitness and clean eating routine! The past three weeks have been SO naughty…

But I promise I will be a good girl when I get back to Oki. So that is all of the randomness I will be posting tonight!

See ya later,

Kaily ❤



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