Nothing Too New

So I have been absent for the past few days because there hasn’t been anything too exciting to report. I have pretty much just been hanging out at home because my mom had to go back to school and my dad works random days during the week.

Yesterday, my dad did happen to be off work and my sister was home from Long Beach.

I started the day off right with a banana and some Justin’s almond butter!!

IMG_0214I definitely think the honey and chocolate versions of Justin’s are way better than the vanilla 😛

This breakfast was a quickie because I had to go with my sister to a random meeting she had. Luckily, the meeting was short and on the drive home we spotted one of our favorite (but totally cheesy) Mexican restaurants, El Torito! We called our dad and made him meet us there for lunch.

Upon arriving, my sister basically forced me to order a margarita. (A.k.a. she told the waited I was getting one) Of course, it was the “skinny” margarita lol.

IMG_4307I got a roasted veggie enchilada & chicken taco for my meal. The enchilada was to die for!

IMG_4306*This is a random side thought* I have noticed that more restaurants are opting to put “lite” or “skinny” items on their menus. I think that it is an interesting idea. While I know that these healthier items, such as the lunch pictured above, have good intentions, I am still not completely sold on them. I just want to be able go to more restaurants that have a true focus on healthy, clean cuisine. I think that most of the places I eat at in Okinawa already have this outlook of clean eating. I’m also disappointed in how America has ridiculous portion sizes. I couldn’t finish my food anywhere I went since I’ve been home. I remember before I left for Japan I used to clean my plate.  The Western diet needs a major revamp if our society wants get healthy and stay healthy. Well, sorry for the mini-rant, but I just had to share my thoughts.

Back to the post….

So after having a Mexican carb-overload, I knocked out for like two hours. I woke up to Chally going crazy over some people outside of our house.

IMG_0159During my nap, my sister and Noodle headed back to Long Beach. Then it was just me and my Dad. (My mom was having dinner with her friends) So we ended up going to Panera Bread for a light dinner. We both got the 1/2 Power Spinach Salad (AMAZING) and 1/2 cup of soup. I got chicken noodle and my dad got creamy tomato.

IMG_4308After food, we walked across to the movies and saw “Zero Dark Thirty”. I had high hopes for the movie, but was unfortunately let down. Usually I’m not into watching military movies because they make me depressed, but this one had seemed so interesting and relevant to me. I just felt like it was a little too slow. Oh well!

So that pretty much covers my yesterday. We will see what today brings. I’m home alone because my mom has school and then cheerleading stuff til like 10 PM and my dad is working on “Glee” so he won’t be home til super late either. So it’s just gonna be me and Chally against the world…I will post again tonight if anything super exciting happens 😉





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