Not My Best…

Okay, so confession time… I have been eating terribly since I have been home! I try to stop it and be good, but it is nearly impossible. Darn vacations…

This was last night’s dinner…Dino’s Pizza.


And then lunch today at the renowned Hugo’s Restaurant. (Known for fresh food and lots of vegan options!) [Oh and movie stars…totally saw the blonde lady from “The Office”]

Vegan Mac & Cheese Appetizer



I got chicken tacos on corn tortillas w/ a side caesar salad.



Mom got the Portobello mushroom sandwich (vegan) which was filled w/ veggies and roasted pepper hummus.



Dad got the fancy “New American” veggie burger.



Dinner was definitely a lot more sinful πŸ˜‰

We ate at The Stinking Rose in Beverly Hills. It’s got an awesome atmosphere and let’s face it, everyone loves garlic! This restaurant is entirely based on food surrounding garlic. It’s heaven!

(Unfortunately the lighting was absolutely horrendous for taking photos, so I only snapped a few pics)




And yes, that is a huge serving of pure roasted garlic cloves πŸ™‚

I can already feel the garlic oozing out of pores, but it was totally worth it!

The only good thing that I have been doing for myself is making sure that I am getting some exercise in. I went to the high school track in my neighborhood in the morning for some running w/ the parentals.


And for the last random part of this post, here is my sister’s new dog, Noodle. (Yes, I know it’s a weird name)


Here is my sister acting crazy like usual…


So that pretty much wraps it up for today. This post is being written fairly late in the day and I definitely am needing my beauty rest πŸ˜‰ So adieu until tomorrow!






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