Recap & A Pup

So here are all of the amazing meals that I have not been able to share with you yet! Brace yourself 😉

Real Food Daily (Vegan Restaurant)




Portobello mushroom steaks w/ black-eyed peas and brussel sprouts for New Year’s Day.



Snack time!



The food here is absolutely incredible! I’m in heaven.

Now for my true love, other than food I mean….

CHALLY! He is my favorite pooch of all time. He has been looking a little scruffy and went to the groomer’s today.

So here he is before…


And here he is AFTER!


(P.S. don’t mind my crazy hair)

I am crazy about this dog. There will have to be a fashion shoot so he can model all of his outfits soon. And yes, that will be posted on here!

I know this was a quick check-in, but hopefully there will be more excitement to post later 🙂


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