It’s a Package Party!

I love getting packages! (Is that bad?)

Yesterday, I picked up a special one from the post office that was sent by Nick’s mom (KellyLee). I knew it was on the way and had some awesome surprises inside just for me 😛

First up….let’s begin with the foodie portion of the package.


Homemade apple butter! Hell yeah! And trust me, this stuff is amazing. I paired it with some greek yogurt and granola as a snack last night.

Next up…the fashion 😉




Nick’s mom saw my post where my fav sunglasses had broken and decided to send me a few of her pairs. (I’ve been dying without my sunglasses, so these were a very welcome gift) You know I had to have a mini-fashion show before I went to the gym in them…



So cute, but I can’t forget the cutest part of my package….a Christmas sock monkey!


Then, it was off to the gym for this girl.


And off to work!


One thought on “It’s a Package Party!

  1. Glad you liked everything!! The glasses look FABU on you!! Nothing like vintage glasses and Louis V’s!! I love sock-monkeys too!!!

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