It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

On the go as usual…


I’m still trying to gather up some Christmas presents to bring home to the fam in 2 weeks. (OMG only 2 weeks left!!) I hit up the 100 yen store, of course. Btw, I found this super creepy clown statue in the parking lot while I was there.


I have no idea why it was just chilling next to the building, but I figured it was kind of weird and I wanted a picture to share. So there you go!

No pics of the purchases for you all because it may ruin some Xmas surprises 😛

I made my way back to the base shortly thereafter. It isn’t very much fun off-base in Okinawa right now with the curfew and all of the restrictions. All I can hope is that it will get better in the coming months.

I picked up a non-fat chai latte from Starbucks along the way to the BX because it was absolutely freezing today. Considering this is a sub-tropical island, it is definitely beginning to feel like Christmas!

This was my failed attempt at taking a photo while walking.


Once warm and cozy inside of the BX, I went straight to the uniform tailoring section to pick up my Senior Airman ABUs. My promotion is effective on the 15th of December. I’m super excited!


Unfortunately, I couldn’t take them home with me today because the top was still kind of loose on me. I will have to try to pick them up again on Saturday.

After being a little let down about not taking my brand new uniform home, I wandered across the street to the wall of butter inside of the Commissary. I was completely out and butter is clearly a necessity with this girl!


Next up, it’s time to whip out my baking supplies for the annual tradition of making Christmas cookies! I will leave the rest of the excitement about these epic cookies for tomorrow. I’m seriously about to pass out! So goodnight blogworld and dream of delicious food everywhere 😉




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