Random Wrap-Up

So I suppose that along with skipping thanksgiving, I have skipped posting for the past few days. I know…total fail! But I swear that I have been doing a bunch of other stuff. So instead of writing the world’s longest post and recapping every detail I will just show you what I’ve been up to.

(And maybe throw a few descriptive phrase in between!)

The following group of pics is from the base history tour that I took with all of the Command Post peeps!


Pretty sweet, right?

This last memorial pic is actually of where the Japanese surrendered in WWII. I had no idea it was actually on Kadena. (And in the middle of a residential area lol) It’s crazy to think about what it would have been like back in those days. I’m sure Okinawa was a completely different place than it is now…

And back to the random pics!!

I’m so sad my favorite sunglasses broke 😦

At least my Black Friday purchases got to here today to make me happier!

So this was my super random post to pretty much wrap up November. I can’t believe how fast this month flew by. Let’s go December!



4 thoughts on “Random Wrap-Up

    • I love that you recognize what squadron that tank was in front of! And the history tour guide was just taking us around to learn about the battle of Okinawa and we randomly stopped there to look at the tank lol.

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