Skipping {Actual} Thanksgiving

Trust me, there was nothing exciting for me to post about Thanksgiving.

But if you must know…I worked a 12 hour shift in the windowless room known as the Command Post. Then I was bitter to find out that the gym was closed after I got off of work. Luckily our Major (a.k.a. my boss) was awesome and brought us Starbucks in the morning and ordered us Thanksgiving lunch from the chow hall. Unfortunately no pics were taken because I work in a restricted area where no one can take cameras (or even phones!).

So, now that the failure of this national holiday has been addressed, on with today!

I woke up this morning charged up and ready to make up lost time at the gym. The weather was pretty dismal and so the gym was super packed.

I barely managed to get through a chest and abs workout because so many hogging the benches and weights. The military fitness center I use is almost always crowded with big guys who are somewhat intimidating and totally stare you down the moment you step into the weight room. I would imagine at a regular, civilian gym it isn’t nearly as ridiculous. It also doesn’t help that I am usually the only girl in the weight room on most days. Hooray for creepers…not!

After the gym, I figured I would check my mail to see if I had any holiday goodies waiting for me in my box. And…I totally did! I had two in fact.

Gift # 1

My new pre-workout! (sent from Nick)

and Gift # 2

This big blue bag is a mystery gift and I will have to wait for Christmas to open it…It looks pretty exciting though!

After dragging my gifts upstairs and the gym, I was famished. Subway (and a little South Park) to the rescue!

After lunch, there was a little play time with the little kitty who lives outside of my dorm building and that was pretty much the excitement of today.

P.S. you know there was a little black Friday shopping today too 😉


3 thoughts on “Skipping {Actual} Thanksgiving

  1. That cat is adorable! Also, the tree looks amazing 🙂 Just thought I’d comment to say that I think you’ve used ravished in the wrong context haha, perhaps you meant famished? Sorry to point it out, but it just made me laugh 🙂 x

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