A Package from the Desert

I’ve been waiting for a package in the mail from my special somebody (Nick) who is currently deployed. He sent the package a few days ago and so I figured I would go check my mail at the post office. Unfortunately the weather was super gross and rainy on the way there…

After getting slightly drenched, I saw that I had a yellow package slip in my P.O. box and knew it had to be the one from Nick!

Yay! I love getting stuff in the mail. It always makes my day way better đŸ™‚

I was a total dork and decided I had to wait until skyping Nick to open my package…

Luckily, he got online when I got off of work. I was dying to open it and could barely wait!

Inside was….

A cute, little teddy bear!



An American flag that was flown on Nick’s aircraft during an actual mission. It even came with a cool certificate dedicated to me! I thought this was a pretty awesome gift.

(So thanks again, Nick!)

I will be sending him a package for his birthday in a few weeks and another for Christmas. Hooray for the holidays!

(And on that note I have my work Thanksgiving to go to and Christmas decorations calling my name!)


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