New Inspiration

I hit the ground running yesterday…literally.

The night before I left my car at Chili’s (down the street) and totally forgot about it! Luckily, I was on the way to the gym and Chili’s is right next door.

I have been feeling very unmotivated with working out the past few weeks and I’m not sure why. So in an attempt to renew my love for the gym, I have decided to get back in the Jamie Eason’s Live Fit workout plan! I had completed Phase 1 a long time ago, but decided Phase 2 was a little too intense for me at the time. I had just started lifting heavier for the first time and wasn’t ready to start incorporating cardio and doing supersets yet. Now, I feel like I am not as scared to try new workouts in the gym as much and am ready for a little more of a challenge!

Yesterday I did the back & cardio workout. (OMG assisted pull-ups will be the death of me!)

I had to have some post-workout Instagram fun.

Lunch was a veggie corn dog & Pop Chips! YAY!

The rest of yesterday was just pretty chill. I hung out with friends and was just pretty lazy. (This is why I love the weekend)

We will see how the rest of the Live Fit workouts go this weekend…hopefully they don’t kick my butt too much!


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