A Girl’s Day Out

I don’t have any idea where time went this week… It seriously flew by. I think I am just ready for it to be December so I can go home. I spent my off day this week doing what girls do best…SHOPPING!!

This is the mall over near Araha Beach. I have no idea what it’s called, but it is def my favorite one! They have a bunch of cute clothing stores and a 100 Yen Store! WIN.

So, of course the first place I went was the cheapest of them all. I needed some more Xmas decorations and you can’t beat the price of 100 yen!

I only bought a few things to decorate with and then I decided there were a few more things that would make awesome presents, too!

After completing the holiday portion of the shopping trip, I hit up the clothing section. I am in desperate need of a Forever 21! Unfortunately, there are none in Okinawa… When I go home, I will seriously go broke on shopping for a new wardrobe. (And it will totally be worth it!)

I did, however, pick up this adorable shirt 🙂

So cute, right?? I have been searching for a top like this to wear with leggings and boots for a while now. I can’t wait to wear it!

Lunch at Climax coffee was clearly a must after a rough morning of shopping 😉

Their pancakes are so yummy! And the tea of course is awesome, too!

I rounded out my shopping spree with a trip to the outside garden area where I found another holiday surprise lurking…

A poinsettia! I had to have it because it was so tiny and adorable. As you can see, it went right to the windowsill when I got home.

So overall, the shopping trip was successful. I’m off this weekend and have my fingers crossed that it will be a good one!


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