Hectic Halloween

Well Halloween started off with some craziness over here. I had a ridiculous amount of errands to run. (I didn’t even finish them all) Breakfast and lunch were eaten in my car…



In the midst of my errand running, I hit up the post office.

SURPRISE! I got a package from my mom 🙂


I love the vampire cat card (lol).

At the bottom of the package was a sweet shirt from the movie my dad had been working on.


Thanks mom! I love getting packages from home. It helps ease the homesickness at least a little bit.

After completing as many errands as I could, I went the gym for a back and ab workout. And you know I wore orange and black workout gear in honor of Halloween!


I always feel better if I workout before going out. It helps me feel good physically and mentally. Plus, then I don’t have to feel as guilty indulging in some drinks 😉

All of the people I went out with dressed up…too bad no one else at the bar had on costumes! I don’t get it. It’s Halloween! Everyone should be dressed up!



So with those photos, I will bid all of you farewell. But, I will say hello November! Let’s go thanksgiving!


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