The Last Few Beach Days

Fall is now pretty much in full swing and Thanksgiving is just around the corner! While I do love autumn (it’s my fav season), I will deeply miss the lazy summer days spent at the beach. On Sunday, the weather was gorgeous and we managed to squeeze in some beach fun šŸ™‚

We went to this secluded cove which was absolutely stunning.


This was at the top of the hill. We had to hike down through the forest to get down to the actual beach.


The water was crystal clear! We went snorkeling (of course) and some of the guys attempted spear fishing. Let’s just say the fishing portion of the day was an epic fail.


After snorkeling, we found a bunch of hermit crab friends wandering the shoreline šŸ™‚


Since no fish were caught, we resorted to roasting hot dogs over a daytime camp fire.


After all of us ate, we packed up and decided to head for home.


I love beach days. It’s sad knowing that they will be coming to an end along with the cold weather. But it is happy knowing that I will be going home to L.A. in less than two months! There will be an incredible amount of Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and crossfit (with my mom) posts. It will be AMAZING…

But, until then I will only be California dreaming šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “The Last Few Beach Days

  1. These photos are lovely – I’m determined to spend more time at the beach next year (although admittedly ours aren’t as pretty) – why live 10 minutes away from the beach and waste the opportunities?!

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