Granola Love

So today was the complete opposite of yesterday! I couldn’t seem to catch a break.

Started the day off at the gym with a quick full body workout. Then, BX time!

I made off with a few fitness purchases 🙂


New headphones!


And a cute new workout shirt!

I also bought a few things to make a care package for one of my best friends who is deployed right now (Nick). He is actually the one who originally showed me how to weight lift. Whenever we talk, fitness and healthy eating comes up. We share a major love of PB 😉

So anyways…I decided to make him a healthy treat for his package.

Yay for granola!

I just used a mix of muesli, rolled oats, sunflower seeds, pecans, craisans along with a little butter, coconut oil and honey.


I melted down the butter, oil and honey. Then tossed the dry ingredients on to the pan. If you use raisins (or craisins like me) save them to mix in at the end!

Combine the liquids with the dry stuff and baked it at 300 degrees for 30 minutes. (You should stir at about the 20 minute mark to ensure it doesn’t burn!) Remove from the oven and stir in your dried fruits of choice.


While the granola was cooling I painted my nails…


I have to paint my nails a natural color because of the AF regulations. So boring!

But back to the granola! I threw it in some ziplock bags for safe transport.


And then into the box for shipping 🙂


I will be shipping this tomorrow! And I’m sure Nick will be excited once he sees this on the blog 😉

Well, hopefully everybody else has a productive weekend!


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