Lunch Date with a Friend

I love lunch dates with good friends. They make everything better. (Especially when you need a good girl talk!)

Today I spent my lunch at Transit Cafe with Jeyna!

Transit Cafe is definitely one of our “go-to” spots. The food is incredible and their drinks aren’t half bad either 😉

See what I mean? Jeyna got this beauty and it is basically mango and cranberry flavored heaven.

Today we both got the Spaghetti of the Week lunch set. The main course was a seafood pasta with a garlic and olive oil sauce. So amazing and delicious!

The pasta was filled with squid, salmon and clams.Yummy! I always have a love for anything covered in garlic. It is for sure a weakness of mine.

Then…I was bad. Jeyna wanted the brownie sundae….and we got the brownie sundae.

SO BAD, but SO GOOD. Luckily I went to the gym and ran almost 3 miles this morning! That makes up for it, right??

Well I sure hope it does. Off to finish my homework and I will be hitting the movies later to see “Looper”. It better be amazing! (I love you Joseph Gordon-Levitt)


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