Vacuum Queen

Thank goodness I know that cleaning burns a ton of calories or I might go insane during this week on bay orderly. Basically, it is my job to keep the entire dorm building clean for one week (Weds-Tues). It requires me to be in uniform while performing these housekeeping jobs…

It isn’t too bad though, because I don’t have to wear the jacket portion of my uniform. I would die from heat exhaustion if that were the case 😉

I fueled up for my intense cleaning journey with some Autumn Harvest Kashi cereal!

Let’s talk about deliciousness in my tummy (lol). This stuff kept me full throughout most of the morning.

I headed downstairs to find this monster cleaning checklist…

These are the standards that I will be following until next Tuesday. (I think I’m starting to miss the Command Post) During the morning, I completed the outdoor tasks and the laundry rooms. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but trust me, we have a lot of outdoor space to keep clean. I snuck in a banana and peanut butter snack somewhere in the middle of my hectic morning, but was focusing on my…TWO HOUR LUNCH BREAK!

So stoked. I never get lunch breaks at my regular job. I even went to the gym and did a great leg workout! When I got back, I made a turkey sandwich with Light Baby Bell Swiss, avocado, spinach and balsamic vinegar. I had an Oikos Greek yogurt on the side for some extra protein!

Unfortunately, I forgot to photograph it until I was almost done! It was totally an amazing combo for a sandwich and surpassed my expectations.

After lunch, it was time to tackle the vacuuming…

After about two and a half hours…my cleaning detail was pretty much wrapped up. So, sushi was clearly the next step in this day! I splurged and went for the shrimp tempura roll 😉

The only reason I left myself get this bad boy is because I thought about all of those extra calories I burned while cleaning (lol). So that is all…. More housekeeping adventures ahead tomorrow!


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