Weekends & Waterfalls

Sorry for slacking in posting the past few days…time has been flying by!

Sunday was filled with an epic adventure to a waterfall.

This adventure included hiking, climbing, swimming and tripping over plenty of rocks. And let’s not even get started on the ridiculous amounts of bruises on my legs right now. Needless to say, this was definitely my workout for the day. We were literally climbing over mountains to get to the different waterfalls. It was incredibly beautiful though.

This was just one of like five waterfalls that we saw. I even got up the courage to jump off one of the really tiny ones! No pics of that though 😦

The climbing really kicked my butt! I’m super scared of heights and we were literally scaling the mountain side and holding onto sketchy ropes to climb to the next set of waterfalls. It was crazy, but so worth it.

Then last night my friend, Kyle, and I made an epic dinner of chicken Marsala. I guess it was his mother’s recipe and it was incredibly delicious. I always think it’s fun to cook with other people. You get to taste the food that other people grew up with and see a little bit more of who they are.

The only unfortunate part of creating this masterpiece of a dinner was that there was no Marsala wine at the shoppette! I decided We had to use Moscato instead 😉

Still turned out wonderful.

Of course, I headed up the dessert department with some spooky mummy cupcakes! I had my training meeting this morning and had to bring in something delicious for everyone in the office.

I used a carrot cake mix for the cupcake and whipped up a fresh batch of butter cream frosting. YUM.

Then the cupcakes were placed in the most incredible invention ever…my new cupcake carrier!

Isn’t it amazing?? I’m kissing the days of smushed cupcakes goodbye forever.

So that pretty much sums up my past few days off from work. Back to the grind for me. Hopefully there will be a little more down time during this next week because I’m pulling bay orderly (a.k.a. cleaning lady for the dorm).

So, adios amigos!


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