Lacking Motivation

I feel so lazy today and I know it is mostly because I am dreading the next 3 nights at work. We have a mini exercise (w/ gas masks). UGH. Not to mention that today was a cardio day at the gym…

I ended up deciding on the elliptical and did a 25-minute HIIT workout. I kind of just made it up as I went 😉

I just finished prepping all of my food for tonight’s shift and don’t judge me for the terrible pictures. The lighting totally sucks in my room right now!

A whole wheat bagel thin + 3 egg white scramble w/ ham and spinach!

An Oikos non-fate Greek yogurt + 1/8 c pumpkin puree + Bear Naked Fit granola. My newest favorite snack ever.

Mandarin chicken salad inspired by Oxygen magazine.

New Kashi protein bars I found at the commissary this week. I was super stoked! They had 3 different kinds and I can’t wait to try them all!!

Now, I have to finish getting ready for night shift # 1 out of 3. These shifts better fly by because I am already ready for the 3 day weekend coming my way. Woot Woot! It should be a pretty exciting weekend. I might be going hiking to see some waterfalls if the weather is nice. (It better be)

So for now I will just have to day dream of fun. Time to get to work!




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