Adventure Time


I am seriously failing at shifting to nights this week. Work is going to kill me tonight! I slept in til about 11am yesterday and then went to my favorite place ever (the gym) and did a hardcore leg work out. [I’m already sore]

The typhoon seriously tore up the island. I didn’t realize it until I left for the gym.

I met up with a friend (Kyle) and grabbed some lunch at Hearth Cafe. I guess the typhoon took out the power or something at the restaurant and so they could only serve their breakfast menu, which is always fine with me!

MMM chocolate chip pancakes!

After demolishing most of my fluffy pancake, I really wanted to go snorkeling. Unfortunately the sea condition was Danger so that wasn’t an option. So sad.

Next best option was clearly to just drive around the island in hope of finding something fun to do! We settled on this park after a really long drive of trying to think of what our options were. Of course, because of the typhoon, there was a sign saying not to go into the park…

Well that sign was definitely ignored after some convincing. We just walked on the trail and looked at what was around the area. There was definitely a lot of damage to the trees from the dd at.storm, but the park itself was beautiful to walk around.

It was a good time. We walked the trail probably for 30 minutes and then decided it was time to continue on to the next thing. This was what we found….

A giant landfill. I haven’t ever seen that much trash before. It made me feel so wasteful. It also made me realize just how important that getting my degree in Environmental Science really is.

We continued driving an ended up at an izakaya for dinner. An izakaya is basically a Japanese restaurant solely dedicated to beer. So, of course, I had to indulge đŸ˜‰

The food came out family style. We ordered a couple of items off of the menu…unfortunately everything was in Japanese!

This was sautĂ©ed ham and vegetables with a garlic, butter sauce. So amazing that I can’t even accurately describe the awesome flavors in this dish.

We also ordered two rice dishes. This one up close was so EPIC. It is hands down the best fried rice I have ever had. It was kind of spicy and very flavorful. The other rice was your typical white rice with some eggs and beef.

That pretty much details the epicness of my adventure over the weekend. It was a really great time! Hopefully next weekend is just as fun. This work week, however, will probably not be all that much fun…only time will tell!


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