Halloween Festivities

Saturday was ridiculously lazy for me… I slept in way too late. (Like past noon!) After rolling myself out of bed, I hit up the gym for a bicep/tricep workout. I also did some abs because my Halloween costume was somewhat unforgiving 😉 So now what you all have been dying to see…my costume!! Can … Continue reading

Workin’ It Out

The last night of the exercise is over! Before I went to work last night, I did an intense leg workout and I am def feeling it now! After the gym I prepped my food for the evening 🙂 A salad beast to start off the night! Some grapes, edemame and a Baby Bell. My … Continue reading

Granola Love

Granola Love

So today was the complete opposite of yesterday! I couldn’t seem to catch a break. Started the day off at the gym with a quick full body workout. Then, BX time! I made off with a few fitness purchases 🙂 New headphones! And a cute new workout shirt! I also bought a few things to … Continue reading