Beach & Bonfires

The past few days have been way too busy for me to even sneak a post in! Here is the recap….

The other night I went to this super awesome (but kind of creepy) beach. It was pretty much off the beaten path and at first I felt like I was being taken to be murdered. The road was over grown and totally scary. The sun sets incredibly early here (about 6:30 pm), so it was already dark to top off the creepiness.

We hiked down this path with only the moonlight to guide us…I feel like I’m writing a dramatic narrative (lol).

So we got down the path to this awesome cove. It was too dark to take a pic, so hopefully I will make it back there during the daylight next time.

Then, we made an epic bonfire! (Well I watched as the epic bonfire was made)

Pretty sweet, right? Well we brought some hot dogs to roast and forgot the roasters. AWKWARD.

We then scavenged for the perfect stick (as in off of a tree) to roast the hot dogs on.

After a few failed attempts, this stick was the winner! I ate my hot dog with ketchup on a whole wheat bun. It was delicious, even if it was cooked on a stick.


I worked the next 2 days which sucked my life away and today I’m off. Of course, Typhoon Jelawat has to come and ruin all of my fun! It better be gone by tomorrow or else. I’m pretty sure some  healthified cookies are about to be made! Super stoked!


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