Seesters Forever

My sister turned 20! Dear god! Well clearly I’m a crappy sister because I totally forgot to buy stamps to mail her bday card…so I will post it on here for her to enjoy!

When we were younger, our relationship was basically like WWIII. Now, we are much closer. Even though I live ridiculously far away. We have definitely changed quite a bit over the years…thank goodness.

My sister (Dopey) and me (Snow White) on Halloween forever ago!

Jealous of our sweet footy pajamas?

About two years ago, before the AF, at a family reunion vacation. This was clearly when I was at my heaviest weight (about 150). Whenever I see these vacation pictures I cringe a little bit (lol).

This was before the wrap party for Men of a Certain Age. I was a production assistant before joining the AF.

Brenna and I when my family came to visit Okinawa!

Oh the good and bad times with your siblings. They go through through everything with you, including your journey to fitness. My sister is trying to learn how to be healthy now which is super exciting!

So anyways….happy birthday Brenna! I love you!



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