Relaxation…I Wish!

So that relaxation thing I wanted to do, did not happen. NOT even close!

Breakfast started off awesome with some oatmeal w/ cocoa powder, PB & frozen strawberries.

Then I had to finish up a research paper form my Biology class. Very exciting (and a pain in my you-know-what)

I hit the BX and commissary up afterwards to buy some random stuff I was out of….I also found some sweet other purchases along the way!

Cast Iron Skillet. Win! I have wanted one forever.

An epic deal on Tupperware. All of this for $4.50! I couldn’t pass it up…

After my shopping ordeal, I pulled out my favorite magazine in the world, Oxygen, and made a delicious salad that I found in it.

It was kind of Asian inspired. I didn’t have all of the ingredients so I had to substitute a couple of things (i.e. carrots for celery) So basically it had chicken, carrots, mandarin oranges, toasted almonds and a spring mesclun mix for the base of the salad. YUMMM.

I was going to go run at the gym after lunch, but I was so tired that I totally fell asleep…whoops! Dinner was early at the Tortilla Factory. It is kind of like the Japanese version of Chipotle…but not nearly as amazing (lol).

Then, finally the relaxation time I was craving arrived. We rounded out the evening with a few glasses of wine. My bottle had a cat on it! Duh!

Literally, the only reason that I picked this bottle was because it had a cat on it. Don’t judge my love of cats, I can’t help it. Well, I am off again tomorrow so hopefully it will consist of a lot more lying around and doing nothing than today did.


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