Found this guy in my room when I got home today.

I love geckos. They are all over Okinawa. Too bad that I couldn’t catch this guy and set him free. Maybe another day…

Tonight I went spelunking. I hadn’t ever heard of it before. A friend just started asking if I was scared of bats? Eh. The dark? A little? Tight places? Maybe. Caves? Um, duh! (Haven’t you watched The Descent?)

So basically spelunking is “cave exploring”. I definitely didn’t know that before tonight! Anyways, it was really fun but I didn’t get any pics because I didn’t want to ruin my phone. It was very wet and muddy in the cave. My shoes are in the washing machine right now (lol).

I think the only time I started to freak out was when we saw this super creepy centipede. It was HUGE! Seriously, giant. Oh…and when I got hit in the face by a bat. It was tiny but just popped out of nowhere. I totally screamed.

And I got a tiny battle wound…

It was covered in blood when I saw it at first in the cave, but once I washed it off it wasn’t bad at all.

Afterwards, it was dinner at Kami Sushi. My favorite!

I just got my boring old California Roll. It is my favorite and because I am from Cali it makes me love it even more!

Off tomorrow and totally stoked on life. I’ve got to hit up the BX, gym and then just relax!! The relaxation is definitely the most important part though 🙂


3 thoughts on “Spelunking?

  1. The sushi looks absolutely mouthwatering! Also, The Descent… Don’t remind me! I can never drink coconut hot chocolate again after drinking it whilst watching that film and feeling progressively more nauseous 😛

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