I Got It!

So I was continuing on my path of bad (but way too delicious) food choices… I just cannot say no to food this week. But it is that one week of the month where I am going to let myself indulge a little 😉

So basically this was my first time at Mike’s Tex-Mex.


Let me just say that I LOVE Mexican food. I have some pretty high standards for my Hispanic lover 😉

Unfortunately, Okinawa is not the place to hold a Mexican fiesta. Mike’s Tex-Mex is definitely the closest to real enchiladas i have found here.


The enchilada was pretty basic. It just had pulled chicken in it, but it was still super tasty. It also came with a soft chicken taco!


After my somewhat questionable dinner, I snapped back into health mode! I whipped up these awesome banana muffins found at meals and moves.


They turned out way better than I thought they would so I was pretty stoked….

Oh and did I mention…I got it!!!


I got my early promotion! I will pin on my SrA stripe in December. It can’t get here soon enough. So that is basically what my past two days were made of!!


2 thoughts on “I Got It!

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