A Busy Day

Started the morning off in a rush. I grabbed a granola bar and attempted to calm my hair down….

I suppose this was more a snack than breakfast…but I woke up later than usual (10:30) and then was going to get lunch with a friend at noon. This was my only day off this week and had to fit all of my errands into it. Good times (lol).

So, we went to one of usual spots…Hearth Cafe. YUM.

I got the California Surfer Bowl. It is basically like a deconstructed California roll. It had rice, avocado (covered in a mayonnaise sauce, so I avoided that!), an egg, sprouts, nori (seaweed) and just barely seared tuna. The lunch came as a set with tea, vegetable soup and a small salad with a vinaigrette dressing.

Always a delicious choice! Then, off to the commissary!

I found a recipe for some healthy banana muffins that I am dying to try and needed to buy like 5 over ripe bananas…luckily I scored big time because they had a ton of over ripe bananas on final clearance!!

My pantry was pretty empty, so I knew my cart would be full and my total was going to be kind of high. Magically I found some coupons along the aisles while shopping…

It makes me sad to spend so much money, but food is always worth it ;). And when you find a coupon to use, life gets even better!

I hit the gym and did chest & shoulders today. I’m definitely going to be sore tomorrow. My post workout snack was an Oikos greek yogurt w/ pumpkin (and cinnamon) and some Bear Naked Fit granola.

I love busting out the pumpkin. 3 more days until fall is officially here. YES!

Well, it is back to the grind tomorrow. One day off is seriously never enough. Oh well…hopefully work flies by this weekend, but I do have to write a research paper for my online Biology class so I would rather do it in my office than at home! So let’s get this work party started!



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