Below the Zone

Today was filled with WAY too many high-ranking officials.

This morning was my meritorious promotion board for Senior Airman Below the Zone. Basically this means that if you are a shit hot airman, you can get promoted 6 months early! Let’s just say that I have been working my butt off for the past year to get this opportunity and it was finally the day.

I woke up (totally freaking out) and decided I needed some of my favorite breakfast ever…oatmeal w/ chocolate chips & PB!

I know this is an ugly pic (lol). I was just so nervous this morning and didn’t want to be late to the board that I snapped a quick shot and kept rolling. Next up, it was time to don my service dress…

Don’t you love my grandma heels? Their redeeming quality is that they are super comfy.

Then, there had to be an Instagram pic to go along with this moment!

So I’m technically not allowed to discuss the board process and questions, but I felt at peace with the answers that I gave…so hopefully that was good enough!!

I had to go back to the office until lunch and then we all ordered from the NCO (non-commissioned officer) Club.

I got the garden (veggie) burger w/ no cheese and a side salad instead of fries. YUM!!!

I know that I am being a total tubby girl this week with ordering out sooo much, but I just need a day off to go to the commissary! Hopefully Thurs will be that day!

Until then, it is bicep/tricep day…off to the gym I go!!


One thought on “Below the Zone

  1. gurl why you so cute!!! seriously though, you are my inspiration! I miss you and love you and cannot wait to see you and your catface again! Good luck with everything xoxo

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