Typhoon Timeline

Let’s talk about how lazy and boring this weekend was.

(I pretty much blame it on Typhoon Sanba)

[this is what i woke up to]

The eye wall of the typhoon brought some pretty nasty winds, but nothing too crazy. We were basically on lock down in the dorms starting last night until about 5pm today. Here was how I filled my incredibly dull day…

0900 [chocolate chip oatmeal]

1030 [laundry]

1130 [turkey/pepperjack cheese sandwich + butternut squash]

1430 [snack time]

1730 [avocado/egg/pineapple burger]

[best french fries in Oki]

As you may have guessed, I did not make my dinner tonight. The lock down ended and everyone was banging on my door to go get food. I finally caved in and we went to Jetta Burger. It was the first time eating there for me and I was highly impressed with the french fries. (They tasted just like In-N-Out’s!!) The burger was decent and I’m sure it had a billion calories in it 😛

Oh well, I guess that was definitely a cheat meal. And there was no gym for me today because of the typhoon. So sad.

I will definitely be making up for it tomorrow…at work. This week is going to be a rough one. 6 days of work. 1 promotion board. And way too many other things to do. I just need to keep my sanity and get some rest!


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