Say Aloha to the Gloomy Weather

Yesterday was gloomy.

My car is the white one!

The best cure for a gloomy day is some good food (in my opinion). Unfortunately my pantry and fridge were pretty barren. So, Hawaiian food it was…

Eating alone today

I ordered the mahi mahi plate. It came with rice (ate about half), macaroni salad (didn’t eat) and cabbage w/ Hawaiian pork (devoured all of it)!

The pork is AMAZING

Such a tiny portion of fish!

After an oh SO delicious lunch, I ran to the commissary to buy just a few things to get me through the rest of the week. Here were the top 3 highlights…

Hey, it’s fall! Don’t judge me 😉

Newest organic product at the commissary

The world’s most perfect (and sugary) fruit

Afterwards, gym time. It was chest and shoulders day. The gym was pretty empty, so I breezed through the workout.

I had to test out my new marinara sauce for dinner! I just threw some whole wheat rotini and frozen shrimp together with it. Yummo.


Does anybody else even remember what that’s from? (lol)

But really, I worked all day today. I’m off for the weekend and another typhoon is on the way. I’m just wishing for it not to pour. Then next week, my fate will be decided as I go up for my Senior Airman Below the Zone Board…. dear god.

Kaily ❤


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