Weekend Update

And now Seth Meyers with the weekend (food) update….just kidding. It’s me. I just love Seth Meyers and SNL. He totally looks like one of my best friends from home. So anyways…

Friday: We planned on going to the Orion Beer Fest, but that totally flopped. Instead, Yochihaci was suggested. It is this crazy restaurant with all kinds of sushi. Seriously, they have blowfish sushi and teriyaki shark (which is delicious btw!). Their menu was giant and had tons of sushi sets. I am boring ay main and scared of eating raw fish, so my main dish was a california roll.

My ultimate, favorite sushi!! 

I got a side of the shark. It was totally not what I was expecting. It had the texture of regular white fish, but just heartier…not sure if that makes sense (lol). The sauce wasn’t super sweet, which was nice.

The teriyaki shark!

Still not a fan of raw fish.

I got kind of adventurous and tried the mahi mahi sushi…

Saturday: I worked all day. Totally boring. My lunch however was worth mentioning. I stopped by the pretend Starbucks/cafe thing on base and saw that they had these awesome looking salads in their display case. I HAD to have one.

Chef Salad

Ham & turkey rolls w/ swiss cheese…yum

This was the first time testing out the Newman’s lite balsamic dressing. Pretty stinking delicious if you ask me 😉

Topped w/ 2 Tbsp of dressing

Well,the  Orion Beer Fest post will follow shortly. Hope everybody else has a great end to their weekend. I have another crazy week ahead of me. Good times in the Air Force!




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