10 Months To Go!

Today was a beach day. It also was the marker point to signify that  I only have 10 more months on this island! Don’t get me wrong, Okinawa is a beautiful place… I just miss my family and the conveniences of being at home.

I will definitely miss the beaches though…

You seriously would have to travel all over the world to find beaches that rival Okinawa’s. This island is called the “Hawaii of Japan”. Tons of Japanese people from mainland flock here in the summer to go to beach and snorkel. I’m pretty sure that most people honestly enjoy the island lifestyle, but I do not think it’s for me. I like being able to take a road trip every once in a while and actually get away from work. Okinawa is only about 75 miles long. (And there is no Target) I can’t wait to PCS (a.k.a. move) back to America or wherever else the military sends me!

So anyways, I totally took a beach pic. Don’t judge me 😉

So before I even went to the beach, I made some delicious oatmeal. Yummm.

1/3 cup of oats+ 1 tbsp cocoa powder+1/2 tbsp PB+strawberries+stevia=amazingness.

After the beach, I hit the gym for a back/abs workout. I cut it a little short because I was feeling dehydrated from being out in the sun all day. Followed it up with a protein shake that was unworthy of a picture.

Instead, here is a picture of the weird shaped egg that I ate yesterday.

It didn’t photograph looking as strange as it did in person lol. But, here is the egg (white) in the hole I made with it.

I topped it with sriracha sauce. It was pretty epic. Well that is all there is to report for today; not a bad 10 month marker if you ask me… I have a long couple of days ahead of me. Hopefully there will be some fun involved though!


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