Up at the Crack of Dawn

It’s 6 am on a Sunday morning. Why the hell am I awake?

I’ve pretty much given up on trying to go back to sleep. After laying in my bed and no sleep was to be had, I decided to just get up. (P.S. Whenever I can’t sleep, I lay in bed and look at Foodgawker) Well, as I was browsing through the recipe pics I found some cheesecake recipes that look AMAZING. I’m in a baking mood so that will definitely be happening later today.

As for my food yesterday….I epically failed and didn’t take any pictures! However, I did manage to make it to American Village for a little shopping 🙂

I hit up Village House which is basically the Japanese Forever 21.

I swear that they sell the strangest clothes in this store sometimes….

Epic cat t-shirt

But, on the other hand, they do sell some really cute clothes!

Tribal t-shirt

Mod looking dress

I am crazy for this dress. It’s adorable. When it gets a little cooler I’m totally gonna wear it with some black tights and boots!!

Well, since I’m awake at such a freakish hour on my off day,  I have been making some buckwheat pancakes while I wrote this post.

Topped with PB2 “syrup”

The cheesecake pics and post will come later this evening most likely. I’m not sure if I should try sleeping again now that my tummy is full and happy or if  I should go for an early morning run….tough decisions are ahead for me.


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