From Dawn Til Dusk

I have a serious problem. A breakfast burrito problem….

Ever since my senior year of high school and being introduced to Norm’s on Magnolia Blvd in Burbank, I haven’t been able to shake my addiction to them. I’m usually a bacon b-fast burrito girl (with avocado if available). On the way home from my shift at 6 am I stopped at the wanna-be Starbucks on base.

This is what I got.


It said it was a wrap. Lies. It was a breakfast burrito in disguise!!!

You have to add the salsa, too!!

And, my oh my, was it amazingly delish. I hope that I can stop myself from going there every morning. It was the best b-fast burrito I’ve had in Japan…..

Well now that I’ve completed my rant on the love I have for these delectable morning treats, I can progress on with the rest of my day. So because I’m trying to switch back to day shift for next month, I forced myself to wake up at noon. So sleepy. Then, it was commissary time (on pay day).

Fun times waiting in line

Too much food as usual

It was one of those weeks where you have absolutely no food left in your kitchen and have to replace all of your basic cooking supplies ay once. Let’s just say this week’s grocery bill was a little expensive….

My gym time was spent on biceps and triceps. It was surprisingly packed for an early afternoon, but it’s all good because that just means more cute boys to look at 😉

My girl, Jeyna, wanted to grab dinner and drinks at this cool place called Transit Cafe. It has amazing food and beautiful views.

Of course, I had to get my favorite Mai Tai. I chose the Cobb Salad. It wasn’t quite your traditional Cobb salad, but it was super tasty. It was loaded with healthy proteins and the dressing was beyond perfection. I just dipped in it a little, because I didn’t want to go crazy. I’m honestly not sure what the flavor of it was, but it was almost like a vinaigrette.

Here is the close up view. (We sat outside, so the lighting wasn’t all that great.)

The rest of this weekend hopefully will have some other great foodie moments… Only time will tell, and right now, it is time for the gym!



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