Seesters Forever

My sister turned 20! Dear god! Well clearly I’m a crappy sister because I totally forgot to buy stamps to mail her bday card…so I will post it on here for her to enjoy! When we were younger, our relationship was basically like WWIII. Now, we are much closer. Even though I live ridiculously far … Continue reading



Found this guy in my room when I got home today. I love geckos. They are all over Okinawa. Too bad that I couldn’t catch this guy and set him free. Maybe another day… Tonight I went spelunking. I hadn’t ever heard of it before. A friend just started asking if I was scared of … Continue reading

I Got It!

So I was continuing on my path of bad (but way too delicious) food choices… I just cannot say no to food this week. But it is that one week of the month where I am going to let myself indulge a little 😉 So basically this was my first time at Mike’s Tex-Mex. Let … Continue reading