Parties and Pedis!

So Typhoon Bolaven was not as exciting as everyone thought it was going to be. It came and it went in one night. None the less, there was still a typhoon party…

20120830- 042631.jpg

Let’s face it, you can’t have a typhoon party without some bud light lime!

And some lumpia. Yum!!


I made a deal with a friend that if he made me lumpia, in exchange I would make him a cake. I haven’t made the cake yet…whoops!

So while there wasn’t really any major damage from the typhoon, the ocean was definitely still kicking. I had a pedicure appointment the next morning and the spa is right next to the sea wall.


My pedicure turned out sooo cute this time!


I absolutely love the colors. I wanted to get something crazy this time since fall is on its way and sandals will not be worn as much then. So sad…

Anyways, I’ll be working again tomorrow night and then off for the weekend. I have high hopes for my girls night this Friday! There will definitely be photos to follow…


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