Midnight Snacking

Night shift is strange.


It’s weird when you live your life only in darkness. I’m already pale, so no sunlight means no sunburn. I’m okay with this fact. But, it’s kind of depressing when you don’t get to be awake when everyone else is. For this reason, I wake up a couple hours before my shift starts. This way I still get to see a few hours of daylight.

The eating pattern of night shift kind of throws you off, too. I just try to pretend like I’m on days and eat like I normally would. Last night was filled with yummy treats!

Protein Pancakes!

With just a little syrup and some strawberries…

My “morning” snack was a Kashi granola bar and an apple. (Didn’t get a pic of the apple)

Lunch was black beans, brown rice and a Gordon’s fisherman tilapia fillet.

My “afternoon” snack was a protein shake and 1 egg +1 egg white.

So basically the moral of this story is….even if you work a weird schedule, you can still eat healthy!!!


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