Typhoons Drive Me Loco (Moco)

Today was cardio…a.k.a 30 minutes of semi-torture followed by abs. I usually love starting my day off with working out. It always helps the day go by in a more pleasant way. I just wish that cardio days were more fun. I definitely believe that the interval running makes the work outs way more awesome.

Breakfast was an egg burrito.

So simple. 1 egg in the microwave for about 45 seconds. 1 high fiber tortilla. 2 tbsp salsa. Best breakfast ever.

Snack was some Oikos with 1 tbsp PB2.

Dinner was some sangria and loco moco. I absolutely adore the loco moco at Hearth Cafe. It’s soooo delish!

My friend, Jeyna, wanted to grab a girl’s night dinner. We decided on Hearth Cafe. It’s a tiny place, but their outside patio is basically on the ocean. With the typhoon coming in, it was definitely a little windy!


This was definitely my biggest cheat meal of the week. I just needed some delicious food. I really wanted some Coco’s curry, but that will have to wait til next week. I’m not sure if my pedicure will have to wait as well because of this darn typhoon! I hate this time of year because these storms screw with everybody’s schedule. I just hope everything gets back on track and the storm leaves us quickly! I will give everybody an update on Typhoon Bolaven soon…


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