My Fav Food Pics

This was my first attempt at food blogging…

Believe it or not, I actually started with a completely different blog dedicated solely to baking. I wasn’t very committed to it and let it go. Then, on a glorious day, I found health food blogs and thus Active Duty Foodie was created!

Since starting this blog, I feel like I have finally found a positive outlet for my creativity and excitement over food. My journey for a healthy lifestyle has been challenging, but rewarding. This blog unites those passions. So basically it is AWESOME.

Granted, most of my favorite pics are kind of fatty, but don’t judge me!!

Coco’s Curry

French Fries from Bin

Best Blueberry Pie EVER

Mom’s Dinner at Jiji Cafe

There are so many great meals that I have made over the past few months while experimenting with clean eating. This blog opened my eyes and I am so thankful! There will be many posts to come and one day maybe this will become one of those really awesome blogs that people actually read lol!

Well a girl can dream anyways 😉


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