Sushi All Day, Every Day

Started the day off right with a breakfast cookie and skyping mi madre.

Then, commissary time! (A.k.a. my favorite day of the week)

I have no idea how I buy so much food for just one person!

Next up was the gym…

Totally rockin’ my awesome cat shirt


Post workout snack was some muscle milk and a whole wheat slice of bread with 1/2 tbsp PB!

Dinner time rolled around and sushi-go-round was the winner of the evening.

Yes, they had fried chicken at the sushi-go-round!


I definitely think the egg sushi was the best. The egg is baked, but it tastes sweet. It’s different, but yummy!

I only get one day off and then back to work for the exercise. Hopefully this shift won’t be too bad because one day off is definitely not enough. But at least next week I will have my easy week and only work two days.


I already prepped my food for my next shift so I will post those photos later. Now, I need my beauty rest so that I can hit the gym and kick some ass at work tonight 😉



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