Cardio with a side of PB&J

Tried a new cardio routine today. I found it in Oxygen Magazine.

I think they have the best advice for women who want to lift weights. I buy the new edition every month. Plus, they have awesome recipes and meal plans, too!

I took a pic of the routine and just brough it to the gym with me….so here it is!

I paid most of my attention to the RPE column because I can run at a faster pace than what was suggested. I really enjoyed the workout because it kept my attention. (I usually get really bored with cardio)

For my post workout snack, I had some PB&J yogurt!

1 tbsp PB2 + 1/2 tbsp Strawberry Jelly + 1/3 c Oikos Greek Yogurt

Now it’s time for work. Hopefully tonight time will fly!


One thought on “Cardio with a side of PB&J

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