Breakfast <3

I seriously have a passion for breakfast. From oatmeal to frittatas, I love it all!

This past weekend, my friend took me to the pancake house restaurant. Delicious & a great cure for a hangover….

I was definitely stuck between the banana pancakes and the chocolate lovers. (Chocolate chip pancakes are the bomb!) But, I ended up going with the banana pancakes because my friend told me they were way better lol.

They were very fancy for pancakes. I dug in and they were amazingly fluffy. I didn’t add syrup and I sure didn’t eat all of the whipped cream! They were still delicious.

This fancy (and I’m sure not so calorie friendly breakfast) reminded me that I love breakfast food. So I did a little research in the food blog world and found a new breakfast cookie recipe!

What you need is: 1/3 c oats + 1 tbsp nut butter + 1/2 scoop protein powder

Combine these 3 ingredients in a bowl. Mix together until they form into a crumbly mess!

Add 1/8 c water or milk or almond milk depending on your preference. You can put any add-ins you like. I just used splenda and some cinnamon. Mix  together and flatten cookie into bottom of your bowl.

According to the original blogger, Fitnessista, you can leave the cookie overnight in the fridge and enjoy in the morning. I wanted my cookie now, so I zapped it in the microwave for about 30-45 seconds. And viola!

Super yummy! Well off to my night shift I go! Hopefully everyone else gets to have a fun evening :p


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