My Vegan Post

Well this vacation with the fan was an amazing one! So sad that they had to leave so soon. Only 4 (ish) months until I make my return to Los Angeles to see them and I’m already excited for the trip.

So to show you where we left off on the trip, here is the vegan post for my mother. Okinawa is known to use pork and meat based broth for almost all of its cooking (a.k.a a vegan’s nightmare). My mom had to attempt to ask for no meat or find something with very little meat at every restaurant we went to except for Bio Cafe.


It was seriously a hole-in-the-wall kind of restaurant. I’m pretty sure it was in the lady who cooked the food’s house. But either way, it was actually really great. You could tell that it was one of those places that grows all of the produce used in the meal in their backyard. I liked the idea that they had a huge garden and they grew everything themselves.

Inside, Bio Cafe was brightly lit and had a cool, hipster vibe. There were a few tables inside and the traditional Japanese eating area was on the patio.

I loved the colorful mural on the wall!


The menu for the restaurant was small, but very cute. The English translation was a little off, but that is what made it even more adorable! My mom, my sister and I ordered the meal set.


I love ordering meal sets here because then you get to try everything! This came with fried okra and zucchini, green curry with eggplant and goya, vegetable soba, some type of vines marinated in a sesame dressing and brown rice with the most delicious tempeh ever.

The tempeh was topped with more of the unknown vines and some type of plant stem


This soba broth was special because it was made with mushrooms instead of pork


The tempeh was probably my favorite part of the meal. It was sweet and the texture was amazing. I also really enjoyed the fried okra. Usually okra is gross to me because it is overcooked and too soft, but Bio Cafe left the okra crispy. YUM.

My mom raved about the food, too. I was just glad that she could enjoy a meal and not feel bad about having to eat meat or cheese!

The outside area was so cute!!

This was probably the healthiest meal that I ate all week. I was a bad girl and let myself get a little too indulgent, so now I’m going to have to get back on track with the healthy lifestyle that I am accustomed to. I already went to the gym today and that was step number one. Now I need to get ready to go back to work (and I’m going back to night shift) and start eating clean again.

Oh and P.S. I am back to being brunette again…




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