Jiji Cafe

So far the family vacation is going swimmingly! So much has happened, which is why I’ve been slacking on the posting and working out. 

(I did get a good back and bi workout in today though!)

So anyways, here are a couple of pics to catch you up on what we have been doing!

We got soba!


We went to Shurijo Castle


This is us inside the throne room


And then my favorite part of all….eating at Jiji Cafe. I swear that this is my favorite restaurant in Okinawa that I have found so far. It has amazing food and an awesome atmosphere.

Every time that I have gone to Jiji Cafe, the same man is working there. He is a very kind and patient Japanese man who does speak some English. This definitely came in handy when my mother was trying to order a vegan meal…

First, my sister and I started off with some tea. (It is a cafe after all!)

I got chai and she got a lemony black tea


My dad and my sister got a set meal which came with multiple courses. TRUST ME, I tried them all!

First up was a quiche appetizer with a pineapple sauce to compliment it.


The pineapple sauce was unexpected, but very refreshing. The food at this cafe is very unique and they surprise you with the different flavor combinations all of the time. It is almost like an adventure for your taste buds when you eat here!

Next up was the main course.

The white fish dinner set


Every time I have some here I get the white fish set. They have a lunch and dinner version that vary slightly. I just think that the fish is always cooked perfectly and their sauce flavors are different every time you come here. Last time I ordered the white fish set, it had a tomato sauce on the fish. The time before that, it had a very sweet sauce on it. This time, it was a vinaigrette. On the sides of the plate, it had a mushroom salad, a few steamed vegetables  and a cold carrot salad that I swear tasted like tacos!

This was what Jiji Cafe came up with for my mother.

Steamed vegetables w/ rice and salt


My mother likes plain food and when she told the man who waited our table that just salt would be fine on the vegetables he took it as plain and bring out a dish of salt to sprinkle. I thought that it was pretty cute.

Since this meal was a dinner set, it came with a tiny dessert.

Creme brûlée and a light cake


I’m not sure that I am a huge creme brûlée fan, but I thought that this dessert overall was very delicious. It had two little chocolate bites that were beyond amazing. (I LOVE CHOCOLATE)

So now you all have basically experienced my fav restaurant in Okinawa! I will try not to fail so much at posting anymore. Life is just too hectic sometimes!











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