Home is where the heart is…

And this week, my family is here in Okinawa! I’m so excited. They got here last night and today was filled with tons of activities on and off base. (I don’t have a bunch of pictures because my dad was hoarding the camera!)

My Sister (Brenna) and I

I did, however, manage to score some pics of the food throughout the day!

We started out at the Churami Aquarium (home of the whale sharks) and ended up stopping at a Hawaiian restaurant on the way hom. So, I ordered my favorite dish…Loco Moco.

This dish is traditionally made with a fried egg, a hamburger patty and some type of gravy served over rice. This gravy had a ginger/miso taste to it which made it different, but still just as delicious.

Then, we headed back to base where we hit the Base Exchange and then my dorm for a little power nap.

Off to American Village we went and it was Kami Sushi time! This is my favorite sushi place in Okinawa that I have found so far.

My sister got Spicy Salmon


My dad got Spicy Tuna


I got a California Roll


My mom got the Veggie Roll (She’s vegan!)


So needless to say that today was not my healthiest day…but I am technically on vacation. I am going to let myself splurge a little, but the gym will be calling my name in the morning most likely.

But, we might be going snorkeling if the weather permits and that will be my workout for the day. (I’m seriously hoping for good weather!)


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