Embarrassing Moments of the Week

The past two days have been filled with embarrassing moments for me….

Let’s start with yesterday. We had a surprise baby celebration (a.k.a. shower) for one of the sergeants in my office. She said she didn’t really like baby showers so we made sure it wasn’t officially one. I made the cake for it. I used a vanilla and chocolate mix for the layers so both flavors would be present.

And yes, I am aware that my cake decorating skills are not amazing. I’m trying to improve them slowly, but surely.

And, I won Airman of the Quarter!

But I made a total fool of myself when I went to accept it. I went to go sit down and was supposed to stay on the stage. Then I had to run back to the stage and everyone laughed. It wasn’t too serious of a crowd thank goodness!

After an awkward award ceremony, it was dinner time. I went with some people from the dorms to American village and went to a random outside restaurant. (I have no idea what it was called) I ordered the chicken rice and maybe a few one Miller Lite ūüėČ

It came on a hot skillet and the sauce was kind of like a¬†teriyaki¬†sauce. I only used like half of the sauce because I’m sure it had tons of sugar in it! But overall, I thought it was a pretty delicious meal.

Then, today. I had to work shift and decided to use the gym in our office. Usually there isn’t anyone else in our office if I work out on shift but some random people were working in one of the back offices so I decided to shut the door to the gym.


Little did I know, the door jams if you shut it. So I did my shoulder and ab workout and was ready to go shower. I pulled on the door handle….it didn’t open. I yanked on the door handle…..it still didn’t open.

Now, I’m starting to get a little worried. Luckily, there was a phone in the gym so I called my supervisor I was working with and told her I was stuck. She came back and began heaving her body at the door to try to open it. No luck still. She told me she would find someone to help open the door and left.

About 5 or 10 minutes go by and I hear some mens’ voices in the hallway. They asked me if this was the gym and I told them yes. All of the sudden the door crashes open and two Security Forces sergeants (a.k.a military cops) are staring at me. They literally busted the door down police style. I could tell they wanted to laugh at me getting stuck in the gym. Talk about embarrassing when your boss has to call the cops to get you out of your office gym….

Oh well. I’m slowly recovering from the traumatic experience lol.

After I got home from work I made a quick dinner.

Chicken+tomatoes+ zucchini +mushrooms+onions+balsamic vinegar+italian seasoning

Super delicious and easy. Seriously, I am going to knock out tonight. The past two days have been exhausting and I still have one more shift to work tomorrow. I hope it will fly by and I will stay busy. I just want it to be Tuesday because my family is coming to Okinawa to visit me! I’m sure there will be tons of pics from their visit on here because I plan on taking them to the most epic restaurants I know of!



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