4th of July, Oh my!

Here was my 4th of July in food. It’s pretty random and maybe not the healthiest 😉

I stopped to eat lunch at this really cool Hawaiian restaurant called Baku Baku (I think?) 

There was no one else in the restaurant but the hole-in-the-wall kind of places are usually my favorite to eat at. The waitress was a tiny Japanese woman who was very kind and tried her best to help me order off the menu.

I ended up going with a Jerk Chicken Bowl. I’ve never had anything like that before so I figured it would a good choice.

The food was so pretty!

I love eating in Okinawa because all of the chefs here really take pride in making their food into artwork. This meal was especially gorgeous I thought. It was very flavorful, almost blackened chicken on top of a bed of brown rice (and yes, they even offered the choice of white or brown rice here!) with an interesting little salad on the side. I think it might have had some kind of miso dressing on it. And I tried the goya on top of the salad for the first time. It is a commonly used vegetable served here in Okinawa and is known for being very bitter. It was shocking to my taste buds when I ate it. But overall, this little restaurant was awesome and the service was great!

The goya is the green circular veggie under the lemon

This probably wasn’t the most patriotic meal ever, but who cares! It still tasted yummy and that’s all that matters to me.

For a snack, I ended up eating a vegetarian corn-dog with some Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce.

I’m running low on food so I resorted to eating out of my freezer…

Then, it was time to make some PB cookies for the 4th of July BBQ that failed epically.

I used: 1 c PB + 1 c sugar + 1 egg

Blend together. Make tsp size balls and flatten with a fork. Bake for 10 mins at 350 degrees. Then, viola!

It makes about 24 cookies and it takes almost no time. So basically they are awesome and I know you wish you could have one!

So the reason the BBQ failed is that the lights wouldn’t come on in the BBQ area and when they finally did I had to go to sleep because I and work in the morning. So sad.

BUT, everybody ate my cookies anyways. So all is right in the world…for now 😉


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