Beds and (too much) Bread

My back was killing me by the end of today. I was standing for a lot longer than usual, I guess. We are getting new beds for our dorms and since I am on the dorm council I had to be there to assist. It was just a long day. Plus, tomorrow will probably be a similar day.

At least I wasn’t super lazy and I still went to the gym. Here is the HIIT treadmill workout that I am in love with right now!

Time Speed Level/RPE
0:00-0:59 3.5/3-4
1:00-1:59 4.5/4-5
2:00-3:59 5.0/4-5
4:00-5:59 5.5/5-6
6:00-6:29 6.0/6-7
6:30-6:59 6.5/7-8
7:00-7:59 5.5/5-6
8:00-15:59 Repeat minutes 0:00-7:59
16:00-16:29  5.0/4-5
16:30-16:59  5.5/5-6
17:00-17:29  6.5/7-8
17:30-17:59  7.0/8-9
18:00-19:59  Repeat minutes 16:00-17:59
20:00-20:59  5.0/4-5
21:00-21:59  7.0/8-9
22:00-22:59  5.0/4-5
23:00-23:59  7.0/8-9
24:00-25:00  5.0/4-5

I think it’s a pretty fun cardio routine overall. I get pretty sweaty which is  gross good.

After I hit that 25 minute mark, I usually just hit the cool down button on the treadmill and my entire 30 minute workout totals about 2.5 miles. That’s pretty stinking good lol.

My eating today was not great because of the volunteering thing.


Kashi Granola Bar

Lunch was a pizza quesadilla, but I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of it! Basically, it was a Smart Wrap with 1 tbsp marina sauce, 1 lite Laughing Cow Swiss wedge, 8 turkey pepperonis and a little Kraft parmesan cheese sprinkled on top. I heated it up in a skillet and demolished it.


Garden Burger wrap with spinach and BBQ sauce

Post-Workout Meal.

Chocolate protein shake w/ 1 tbsp PB2

Today was pretty carb heavy and I totally failed at eating every 3 hours. I’m going to try to be better and take some snacks with me tomorrow. Hopefully I won’t have to spend my entire day off moving beds. I really want to go to the beach! I’m going to keep my fingers crossed I suppose…


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